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# Over one million tourists visit Peru each year and tourism accounts for 10 percent of Peru's GNP (Mincetur 2005). Since the creation of the Huascarán National Park in 1975, the number of foreign visitors to the glacial peaks of the Cordillera Blanca has increased and in 2004 [xx] tourists visited the region during the dry season from April to October (TMI Plan). These tourists # are seeking environmentally focused experiences, cultural immersion and often a connection to spirituality which they hope to find in Andean communities who revere the mountains that provide them protection. A few Vicosinos recognized the potential for eco-tourism in their own locality and in 1999 initiated their own small program with the support of The Mountain Institute. Currently 7 families participate in the program. This module describes the history of the Vicos eco-tourism project and examines the impact on the local society and economy.

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